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New Traction on Worn Tires!

This lightweight handy tool cuts new edges into your dull worn out knobby tires. Refresh your front or rear tire before putting a new tire on. Extends the life of your tire and gives you new traction for every ride.Tread Doctor uses a specially designed heated carbide cutting blade to trim your knobby tire. It is easy to do yourself, just plug in and start cutting. With a little practice you can cut the minimal amount of rubber off each time to get a new edge. It's like riding with a new tire every time! Get More Traction for Every ride!
  • Tread Doctor™ easily pays for itself by extending tire life and giving you improved traction.
  • Heated Carbide Cutting Tool for any Knobby Tire.
  • Use for Motocross, Trail, Enduro, Dual Purpose, Racing and ATV/UTV.
  • 100 Watt 120Volt 50/60hz heated cutting tool.
"Sniper Kit"
  • The ultimate tire cutting kit. Now you can sharpen your knobby's and groove your tires for custom tread patterns all with one tool. This kit includes a Tire Sniping cutting head, 10 replacement blades and our specially designed heated carbide cutting blade used on the original Tread Doctor™
  • With the Tread Doctor Sniper Kit you can sharpen your knobby's with the cutting blade and then change heads to snipe your tire for the ultimate custom traction knobby design.

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